This is great: this man bought a uninhabited island and secretly looking for treasures for 40 years

40 years he searched on the island of pirate treasures and refused to sell his site.

In 1962, Bernard Grimshaw spent the last money on a tiny island in the middle of the Indian Ocean.

Friends considered him a hermit, tired of the bustle of civilization. And for 40 years he secretly searched for pirate treasures on the island and refused to sell his plot of land to the Arab Sheikh for millions of dollars.

The island cost Grimshow only $ 13,000. The size of Moyenne is 0.089 square kilometers, which is enough for one person.

After the purchase, the man immediately moved to the island and began to explore the territory.

In the early years, drinking water had to be brought from neighboring islands.

He devoted all his free time to Grimshow to work to improve the island. At least that was his official version.

The man planted palm trees, mangoes and fruit trees, which allowed him to dig deep pits without any suspicion.

So, acquaintances considered Grimshow a hermit.

They did not even know that in the African expedition a man came across information about the treasures of the famous pirate Olivier Levasser.

The East Indian campaign pressed Coeper on the last remaining ship to Moyenna in 1729. It was logical to assume that Levasser left the lion’s share of treasures here. They are estimated by historians at about $ 40 million.

For 40 years in a row, Grimshu dug the entire island. And at the same time, he turned him into a real paradise on Earth.

From boredom, a person attracted birds to his island and provided the shore with giant sea turtles, which they hunted for all other islands.

Already in the 2000s, Grimshow finally admitted to reporters that he was looking for the treasures of Levasser. But if he succeeded, then nothing is known about this.

But there is confirmed information about the Prince of Saudi Arabia to buy an island for $ 50 million. Grimshou abandoned the prince.

Moyenn is now again under public administration. He was turned into a national park, and treasure hunts were simply banned.

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