This is how the famous Pierre Richard looks like his heirs and his beloved wife, who has become younger

This is what the family of French actor Pierre Richard looks like now.

Probably everyone is familiar with the cult French actor P. Richard, who was considered one of the most popular and successful actors of our time. But not everyone knows that a man began to build a career in the film industry quite late.

The actor was 33 years old when he first starred in the film, which immediately attracted the audience with his charisma and excellent sense of humor. The successful movie star mostly played funny and lively characters, giving the audience a charge of positive and laughter.

Richard was married to the popular ballerina Minazzoli, with whom the actor had two sons.

Unfortunately, their marriage did not last long, and the couple divorced.

As for his wonderful heirs, the eldest son is already a successful composer, and the youngest achieves success in music after failures in the film industry.

Currently, the cult actor is absolutely happy with his second wife, who, do not believe it, is 30 years younger than the man. They are each other’s biggest supporters, closest friends and lovers.

Wonderful spouses spend time together and enjoy their precious lives.

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