This is incredible: this woman lived with husband for years and did not know that he was with a fictitious identity

All these years, a completely different person hid behind her.

Margaret Cooper met her husband Alex many years ago and lived with him in marriage for 35 years.

Everything went well until once Mr. Cooper returned from work.

The search ended in vain. And when the woman decided to take her previous name again, it turned out that the name Alex Cooper was fictional. All these years, a completely different person hid behind her.

Alex went to work in his car, and the next day the car was already found outside the city. The man left all his things in the car, but there were no traces of man nearby.

A rather stormy river flowed here, and there were fishing tackle in the car. The authorities suggested that the man was carried away by the current, and stopped the search.

A year has passed since the event, and Margaret decided to return the former name in the documents.

She visited the city archive to bear the documents, and was surprised to find that there were no records in the name of Alex Cooper. As if this person had not been before.

Gradually, the picture for Margaret began to clear up.

An unknown man took a fictional name and surname, after which he issued documents for a new person. Under this name, he met Margaret and then lived with her for 35 years.

The history of the disappearance and attempts to find out the true personality of Alex Cooper in the fall of 1991 was shown by the National Canadian.

And the next day the man called the editor and said that he recognized his neighbor.

The man who pretended to be Mr. Cooper was found at the specified address. The real name of the man is Albin Arsene Arsenault. He was accused of robbing the bank in 1948, after which he disappeared and drew up new documents.

Under the new name, Albin married Margaret, and everything went well. But the time has come to change the driver’s license. Then everything would open.

Therefore, the man decided to disappear again.

In the end, Albin returned to Margaret and after a while his wife forgave him. The children of «Alex» are also telling this story in numerous interviews and television programs.

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