This is interesting: the judge released the stolen dog during the trial so that the dog could choose the real owner

How great, the reaction of this beloved dog is incredible.

The bond between a man and his dog Baby Young Boy is strong and obvious. When his dearest friend suddenly goes missing, his entire globe collapses.

He later found out that his dog was actually “stolen”. The alleged thief offered the pet to a woman who, at first, did not know that the pet had actually been stolen. Of course, she likes dogs, so when the dog’s original owner sued this female, she had to keep her.

Courtier Judy found a simple yet highly effective way to end this troubling situation. Judge Judy bought a pet dog to bring straight into the courtroom and lay on the floor. She keeps a close eye on how the dog reacts to see if she can find out who her real owner is.

As soon as the beloved dog was put on the floor, she immediately went to the person who was her previous owner, and also began to climb on top of him, constantly wagging her tail. It is undeniable that the other person is the true owner of the dog.

The meeting was completely touching, and also brought the man to tears. Judy’s court soon decided that the dog belonged to its rightful owner.

Thanks to the benefits the puppy has returned to its rightful owner, this poor dog has gone through many wishes and is now more than happy to be back home as well as his real family.

Losing a hairy friend to theft is a ruin, a circumstance I would not want for my worst adversary.

However, below we will explain why chipping your dog is so important! If this dog had actually been microchipped, perhaps the whole court case could have been avoided.

Enjoy an emotional and fantastic minute of Baby Boy Poodle’s run to its rightful owner in the video clip below.

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