This is really interesting: at the age of 26, this girl moved to an island where only old people live

She left her family, her job, her friends and went to the small island.

While most young people leave the countryside to live and work in the largest metropolitan areas, there are those who leave the city and become a simple village dweller.

Sarah Moore lived in Edinburgh for 25 years, but at some point she decided that she was tired of the noise and pace of city life. She left her family, her job, her friends and moved to the small island of North Ronalsday, which has a population of barely 70 people. Among these people you will not meet a person younger than sixty years old and Sarah has become a real salvation for many of them.

She voluntarily performs a variety of duties: she manages an aircraft, delivers mail, helps the elderly to carry heavy loads, works on an excavator, conducts excursions, grazes livestock, willingly cares for the sick.

This island became a place of power for Sarah, she discovered various talents and abilities in herself, learned to listen and hear people, mastered activities that she had no idea about before. The fact that everyone knows, loves and needs her turned out to be especially valuable for Sarah Moore.

“In Edinburgh,” Sarah says, “the only people I knew were my neighbors in the stairwell, and only a few people from the entire population of the city could sincerely say “Hello!” to me. It’s not like that on the island, everyone here is happy for me and I’m also happy for everyone. I dream that my family will one day decide to move too. After all, only here you can feel all the power and beauty of nature, fall asleep and wake up in silence and peace.

Sarah Moore’s words have stood the test of time: she has been living on the island for about five years and is not going to return to her native metropolis, which has become alien to her.

You may not believe me, but in Edinburgh I felt lonely, but here I have real friends and I am never bored or sad. And the lack of comfort of city life is easily compensated by magnificent landscapes, healthy natural food and peace, which are inaccessible to residents of cities walled up in glass and concrete. I hope that I will become an example for someone, because there are still so many places on earth where you can feel like a real person, not spoiled by modern civilization.

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