This is what life was like many years ago: photos of modern families “stuck” in the 50s

Have you ever thought that you would like to live in another time, in another era.

Perhaps such thoughts have visited every person at least once. However, for many, this is nothing more than a funny fantasy. However, these families live in a real-time loop, sometime in the 50s.

These are modern people living in the 21st century. However, they prefer the distant 50s. They made the decision to transform their reality and plunged into the past. It is difficult not to notice them in the crowd, because they seem to have stepped out of the pages of history.

Photographer Jennifer Greenberg was interested in such people, she decided to get to know each other better and take a few pictures. To her surprise, it wasn’t a stage play or a hobby. This is their way of life. The interior of houses, cars, clothes and even hobbies of these people correspond to that era. They love Elvis and rock and roll, they love the fashion of those years, old movies.

They are fans of retro things and also like to think that they live like their grandparents. Although vintage items are not easy to get, they manage to get hold of rare retro items, and this is a real challenge for them. But one thing is for sure: they like this kind of life.

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