This lovely dog was a wonderful protector for his owner and is now looking for a loving home

A dog was a wonderful protector for his owner

Here is Dart, a remarkable dog who does an excellent job of guarding his devotees. He showed up to the Kyiv Pet Rescue Organization after the passing of his previous owner. Additionally, the staff is worried about his fate and is using social media to try and locate him a loving family.

The police informed the center’s staff that due of Dart’s aggressive defence of his owner, they were unable to enter the home where the man had died.

Dart was in shock. He endured intense grief and was unable to get over the pain of his loss. Being unable to consume food and liquids, he grew weak and frail. He wasn’t even able to walk normally. The sight of the poor puppy in such a horrible condition was very agonising.

Dart is currently being watched over by the loving staff and looking for his forever home. The workers pray that he may find a devoted family who will treat him with the respect and love he deserves.

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