This pig eagerly anticipates seeing his preferred UPS driver every day

A pig and his UPS driver

30-year UPS veteran Scott Hodges is aware that it’s always preferable to have refreshments on hand when making deliveries.

Miss Porkchop, the grouchy pig, would undoubtedly voice her opinion if he doesn’t.

Three years ago, Hodges was carrying supplies to a vineyard in Newberg, Oregon, when he was greeted by the owners’ pet pig in addition to the winery’s owners’ dogs.

She won’t ever forget her packages because it appears that the dogs have forewarned her about the snacks that couriers are always given.

She is really gracious. Hodges thinks that she considers herself to be simply another dog. Her rear legs are too short to get into his car when the dogs are waiting for their prize, which happens regularly, therefore she can only ascend the stairs on her front paws. And that’s fortunate because, at 400 pounds, it would be challenging to lower her.

Hodges typically visits the winery up to four times a week to pick up fresh batches due to the winery’s large volume of orders. Dogs typically receive biscuits, but depending on the day, Miss Porkchop receives muesli, carrots, or apples.

She used to be able to freely roam the vineyard for a long time, but because it gets so busy, she now keeps her piglets in a vast pasture that is enclosed by a fence. But she continues to greet me there even now.

Along with the pig, the man became friends with a number of horses from a neighbouring shelter, a number of llamas, and a number of goats that residents keep as pets.

For each of his ever-increasing number of companion animals, Hodges always has a selection of interesting food on hand. He feeds the farm animals various combinations of carrots, grapes, apples, and alfalfa cubes and uses around three boxes of dog biscuits each week.


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