This service German dog helps a sick girl with a rare disease to walk again

Bella was able to walk again in just six months under the supervision of a dog.

Bella Burton, a 13-year-old girl from New Hampshire, was born with Morquio syndrome, an extremely rare disease.

Because of this, the girl could not walk, and she never expected to be able to do it again.

However, everything changed when she met George, a 2-year-old delicate large service dog!

Bella was able to walk again in just six months under the supervision of George!

«The muscles of my legs became so weak, and it was difficult for me to move», the girl continued, «but after George was born, it seemed to prompted me to walk».

«It was not like a job, it was more like communication with my friends and animals».

Bella’s family learned about her illness when she was about two years old.

Since then, they have tried several methods of treatment, but not one of them has been effective.

Then they learned about service dogs and decided to try.

That’s how Bella and George developed.

This happened when she was a volunteer in the Service Dog Project project in Ipswich, Massachusetts.

As she was always in such a good mood and how she liked to be there, we were perplexed: «What are we waiting for»?

Rachel identified Bella’s mother.

Despite her passion for animals, the dogs did not like her at first, except for George!

Since then, Bella and her family began to bring George home, first for the weekend, and then to a permanent place of residence.

Bella and the service dog quickly became inseparable.

But the delicate giant turned out to be more than just a friend, because he helped Bella learn to run, ride a bicycle and even swim.

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