This unique woman gave up dying her gray hair after she figured out how much money it costs

Once realizing how much she spent on dying her gray hair, this woman stopped.

Meet Miranda Parker, she is 41 years old.

It’s actually her natural hair.

Her first gray hair was noticed when Miranda was still 20.

It took her 18 years to take on her natural look and absolute uniqueness.

Prior to this, Miranda went to the hairdresser once every two weeks.

She always chose dark colors to hide her natural gray hair. The darker the better, she thought.

Miranda gave up painting over her gray hair when she calculated how much money she actually spends on treatments, about $1,000 a year. She finally realized that the process is endless and she should do it regularly throughout her life. And eventually Miranda realized that it had become a kind of habit, from which she was already hooked.

And she decided not to dye her hair anymore and just enjoy her natural look.

At first, she felt strange and unsure of herself, but as time went on, things got better.

This was not surprising, because it was one of the most difficult and important decisions in her life.

Now most of her hair is gray and she doesn’t feel insecure about it.

Miranda is really proud of herself.

She regrets only one thing – that she could not make a decision much earlier, as she could have saved a substantial amount of money.

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