Three amiable shelter cats were adopted into one family in a happy ending

Three wonderful cats

Only a few weeks old, Little Violet was discovered on the street with a broken front limb and red eyes. When she was taken in by the Sarasota, Florida-based animal welfare organization Purrfect Match, Inc., they discovered that Violet had suffered serious nerve damage as a result of a predator attack on her damaged limb.

Violet also suffered a serious lung illness and eye infection that were so bad that they thought about destroying one of her eyes.

After several failed attempts to heal Violet’s paw, the decision was made to amputate it, although the eyes were eventually treated. The cat had a difficult time recovering from the operation and required more care. She meowed loudly in agony and loneliness while confined to a cage at the clinic. Nadijah, a volunteer, overheard her there.

«When I went to check who was wailing so loudly, I found little Violet, who was clumsily balanced on three legs. She quickly cuddled up to me and began purring as soon as I took her in my arms. She visited my home with me on the same day.

Violet was adjusting to life on three paws gradually. Nadijah claimed that the cat was moving around the flat and frequently fell, got back up, took a few steps, and then fell again. Additionally, she still required therapy for her eye infection.

Violet wasn’t fully recovered for another three weeks, and adjusting to life on three paws was still her biggest challenge.

It seemed like she was truly pleased that we had saved her and given her a second opportunity. I had never met such a peaceful, loving, and cuddly kitten.

Logan, another kitten, was then introduced to Violet. Logan is limping as a result of his paw’s improper healing after a fracture and inability to flex at the elbow.

Logan was taken under Violet’s care when she fell head over heels for him. She seemed to have become more outgoing, playful, daring, and interested after meeting him.

Along with playing together, Violet and Logan also like to cuddle. This is the pinnacle of cat trust in one another.

A few more weeks later, we made the decision to find them a new home that would accept two of them simultaneously because they could no longer be kept apart.

But while Logan and Violet were looking for such an owner, Dexter, another cat from a shelter, joined them. Despite the age difference, Violet, Logan, and the black and white Dexter—who was also young but older than Violet and Logan—became close companions.

Finding one owner for three cats at once would seem to be a very difficult undertaking. Violet and the others, though, were fortunate. The family decided to take Dester as well after learning that Logan (who had been given the new nickname Fry) and Violet’s companion shared the same name.

All three of them are currently contentedly residing in a private residence in Sarasota.

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