Time passes but he remains attractive: the famous actor Pitt still attracts millions of people

Hollywood actor Pitt at 58 remains a beauty icon among women.

According to a number of women, the legendary movie star B. Pitt becomes even more beautiful, passionate and attractive over the years. Despite his age, the cult actor still never ceases to win the hearts of millions of people from all over the world.

And recently, while walking around the city, Pitt caught the eye of the paparazzi, and the footage instantly spread all over the Internet. Netizens, especially the fair sex, sincerely admired the handsome appearance of the actor, claiming that he does not look old and lethargic at all.

Photos of the celebrity have made some think back to the time when they were madly in love with the Hollywood star, admiring his great acting talent and unique role in the Hollywood film industry.

People even began to condemn his ex-wife, wondering how and why she could divorce Pitt.

Have you ever watched films with his participation?

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