Trying not to cry when I looked at this dog was difficult. However, she became a wonderful cutie thanks to love and care

The ugly dog became a wonderful cutie thanks to love and care

Sometimes, whether it be a human or a canine, you shouldn’t “judge a book by its cover.” The protagonist of this tale is a Chihuahua named Pippa, who was just 7 weeks old. It was difficult to look at the infant without crying because she lacked fur and had sores covering every inch of her skin. When a girl called Amanda Harris saw her photo, she traveled to an Atlantan shelter to pick her up and take care of her.

The girl brought this puppy to the shelter after seeing a picture of her.

Pippa brought her entire canine family, including her mother, father, and brother, with her to the new location. All of them had scabies, but Pippa was the most vulnerable.

As she started taking care of the puppy, Amanda gradually began to show who she was and how compassionate she was.

Pippa continued to cuddle close to Amanda despite the soreness in her skin.

Pippa’s treatment included customized baths, topical creams, and a balanced diet. The scabs eventually started to heal, and fur started to show through in their stead.

One of Amanda’s existing two large canines was a gigantic pit bull that weighed roughly 36 pounds. However, Pippa was in no way embarrassed by the size disparity. She embraced her big brothers while chasing their tails. She went to work every day with Amanda as well.

Pippa gained popularity after Amanda shared photos of her life on social media.

Pippa arrived at her true home in this manner. When Terry Dickenson and her family first met the puppy, they were smitten and decided to “adopt.”

Pippa’s fur has grown back in the meanwhile.

Pippa is thriving in her new residence.

The dog that also resides with the Dickensons has already been friendly with her.

Her new owners believe that choosing to nurture Pippa was the greatest choice.

They claim, “We love her and she loves us.” What other reasons are there for celebration?

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