Time flies: these famous actors and actresses, who gave everyone a great childhood, soon 60

Here are idols from our childhood, which will soon be 60 and this is incredible.

Most of us can revise the same films thousands of times without tired of the most beloved in childhood. Significant and outstanding actors and brilliantly played actresses in them still remain the most favorite movie stars and idols for their loyal fans.

Many were speechless, realizing that these stars from the 2000s and earlier years will soon turn 60 years old. How quickly time flies.


No matter how difficult it is to believe it, a cult star from “friends”, in which she played at 30, will soon turn 60.


At the time of filming in the “Legends of Autumn”, an outstanding actor was only 31 years old. How quickly time flies!


At the age of 37, on the set of “what women want”, an outstanding actress also noticeably changed, surprising her fans.


The outstanding 27 -year -old actor starred in Plax and very soon will celebrate his 60th anniversary. Incredible!


Having starred in the Patriot, then he brilliantly playing the role of the villain, the noticeable star has already old.


The cult star of Chika and the famous comedian is no exception. Soon he will also celebrate his 60th anniversary.


Emmanuel first gained popularity and universal recognition thanks to the legendary role in the “Manon from the Source”. At that time, a cult movie star was another 23 years.

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