Twenty families refused her: a little girl with Down syndrome adopted a lonely man

The baby was orphaned because she had Down syndrome.

As soon as a newborn girl named Alba was born, huge trials were planned for her.

So the single mother immediately saw her daughter, she realized that she did not need such a child.

The baby remained an orphan due to Down syndrome.

Later she had twenty parents, but not one of them wanted to devote her life to a special child.

However, two years ago Alba found an unusual family.

Luke Trapanese, a 40-year-old man, single, without children and parents.

The adoption system by incomplete families in Italy is a serious and complex procedure.

However, Luke’s desire was satisfied, and he was able to return a 13-day child home.

Perhaps he was helped by many years of experience in a specialized institution.

This profession taught its tolerance, sensitivity and how to communicate with sick people.

He had to go through several situations and interviews before he could become the father of Alba.

This girl lasted the last two years together in a joyful home atmosphere.

Luke is educated alone, but hopes to find someone who will share his joy of paternity.

In the evening, he enjoys the company of his brisk daughter, who loves to play and dance, and they are both satisfied.

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