Two beautiful actresses: everywhere they talk about the photo of Penelope and Salma in swimsuits

People compare the appearance of Penelope and Salma in swimsuits.

The Spanish beauty P. Cruz is already 47 years old, which is actually very hard to believe, because the diva is still the same bright and desirable woman for millions of her fans.

And one of the first who hastened to sincerely congratulate the actress was her closest friends, the stunning Mexican actress Hayek. She is, in fact, no less in demand and beautiful than Cruz.

Not so long ago, these two beauties posted attractive photos in swimsuits, pleasantly surprising their subscribers and causing discussion on the Web. The thing is that netizens immediately began to compare the appearance of the two friends.

Needless to say, gorgeous women look much younger than they actually are idols for millions.

Both famous actresses received pleasant and positive reviews for their attractive and well-groomed figures.

What do you think? Have you ever watched films with their participation?

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