Two minutes earlier, in a touching moment, circus lions took their first steps on grass

Circus lions’ first steps on grass

It is always abhorrent to watch a creature in captivity, much less a majestic lion. Tragically, these beautiful wild cats are still forced to live in captivity in so many circuses throughout the world. For two of them, it all came to an end once a specific group was in charge of watching out for them and giving them the freedom to wander without restrictions. It is nothing short of an emotional moment when two lions touch grass for the very first time.

Tarzan and Tanya have been forced to live a miserable life as part of a Guatemalan circus for more than eight years. The two big cats have been neglected for a very long time and were confined in small cages. Fortunately, a global organisation for animal welfare called Animal Defenders International (ADI) heard about their plight and moved quickly to safeguard them.

The two were so terrified and perplexed when Jan and Tim, the president and vice-president of ADI, went to protect them despite the fact that these mammoths are typically brave. They had endured a truly harrowing and intense life that left deep scars on their bodies and in their hearts. And these latter ones seem to reflect fairly how neglected these adorable animals were.

Thankfully, after leading miserable lives for so long, Tanya and Tarzan have now been sent to a rehabilitation centre. They were recently taken to their foreclosed residence, a South African asylum. When they got there, the two had a chance to walk on grass for the first time, and it was an amazing experience.

Read more about Tarzan and Tanya’s defence in the clip above!

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