Ukrainian refugees hugging their pets as they run in these heartbreaking videos

Heartbreaking videos

It is clear that many people are fleeing their houses in order to be saved since the Ukraine is currently experiencing a severe conflict situation. They also don’t want to attempt border crossing with their animals after abandoning them.

According to sources, Poland, Slovakia, and Romania now let pet owners to cross borders without a veterinarian certificate.

However, many animals, especially stray cats and dogs, require food, housing, and care. And the kindhearted volunteers continue to care for the devoted animals in their own nation.

These groups are in need of your assistance in order to save the homeless animals.


This business is collecting donations to provide food and healthy living circumstances for abandoned dogs and cats. They have provided them with a lot of aid throughout the years. They have since remained there in order to keep them.

Pleased Paw

This group provides food, medicine, and excellent care for strays of animals. The staff is currently looking for data regarding the animals’ deficiencies. All animals are alive and have food for a few days, as they claim on their Facebook page. However, it is quite difficult to provide them with what they require.

Housing Ugolyok

Their gorgeous pets are housed and fed in this refuge for animals. However, it is quite difficult to transfer all necessary goods. Additionally, the organisation needs donations. You can help using PayPal — [email protected].


For twenty years, it has provided care for the stray animals. They are well established in Kiev at this point and won’t leave. On their website, donations can be made.

House of Lui Patrick

Since 2016, the Romanian charity has been helping animals, and right now they are trying to locate homes, food, and care for the animals who are in such bad shape.

Animal Protection League International

Since 2009, this business has assisted Ukraine’s stray animals. In spite of the challenging circumstances, they continue to care for numerous abandoned animals. On the website, you can give.

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