Unattended puppies are discovered by a woman inside a bag in the middle of a field

Unattended puppies and a woman

At a sanctuary, a woman was feeding chickens when she saw a juvenile cub exploring unattended and by itself. She grabbed it without thinking that it will soon hold additional abandoned puppies.

She volunteers at Juliana’s Animal Sanctuary (JAS), which was founded by the woman who is Juliana Castaeda Turner’s sister. The puppy begged her to look around the rest of the property for other dogs as she immediately went to find Juliana and picked her up.

They arrived at an abandoned white bag in a field finally. When they opened it, they discovered three more emaciated puppies. They think they were only five weeks old at the time.

The animals were quite weak from starvation and dehydration. They were also covered in fleas.

The four cubs were taken away from their mother and left to die on their own. If it hadn’t been for that puppy that somehow escaped and was found by Juliana’s sister, they might not have been found alive.

They were taken right away to the vet so they could be checked up, given immunizations, and dewormed. Fortunately, the puppies were mostly healthy.

Juliana believes that a local citizen abandoned the puppies in that area. People are “very nasty to animals and have a lot of dogs,” she claimed.

Now that they are in capable hands, Juliana hopes that the puppies will soon be in fantastic health before they start seeking for their future homes.

She asserts that it will be difficult to identify and locate pets in homes given the enormous number of stray dogs discovered just in Bogotá. We have a lot of work to do because there are more than 1,300,000 abandoned dogs in just the capital city of her country, Colombia, she writes in a blog post for Juliana’s Animal Sanctuary.

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