Unbelievable floating tables made by a woodworker will have you doubting everything

Incredible floating tables

ImpossibleFloating Cave Table By John Malecki

Many more of our houses have unwillingly transitioned over the recent months to serve as our workplace, classroom, lobby, and play area. It makes sense to consider how our settings inspire and motivate us rather than just how well they work. You’re not the only one if you get stuck for inspiration when watching YouTube videos; architect and YouTuber John Malecki understands your plight.

A number of clips on the woodworker’s innovative account attempt to cut through the clutter with some fresh furnishing’s ideas. Malecki made the creative decision to attempt his hands (and then saw) at the creation of an illusory abstraction table after being influenced by Slovenian Woodworker, a prominent YouTuber. Malecki decided on the design for the Incredible Floating Cave Table after calculating the proportions. He then assembled his supplies and went to work. Malecki successfully creates the illusion of a floating table top in his production film by combining hardwood plywood boards and transparent glass. The final outcome is a stunning piece of artwork and a complex artist’s impression.

Malecki discusses and displays the use of this specific trick-of-the-eye technique in the clip down below. He explains his method in detail. See how he produced this fantastic piece of utilitarian architecture, as well as a few of his other absolutely amazing works, by scrolling down.

See how master carpenter John Malecki makes a stunning hovering table:

Malecki has a number of other fantastical table designs in contrast to the Incredible Floating Cave Table.

Impossible Floating Table by John Malecki

Floating Tension Table By John Malecki

River Waterfall Table By John Malecki

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