Unexpected scene: woman woke up to see stray dog sitting on patio furniture

The dog sat on a chair in the patio, feeling at home.

When Amy Hayden woke up one morning, her daughter informed her that there was a dog on the patio.

Since Hayden has two pets, she did not attach much importance to this and assumed that it was one of her dogs. But apparently it was a different dog that they had never seen before!

The dog sat on a chair in the patio, feeling at home. It seemed so cozy, like it was his patio!

In an interview with Good Morning America, Amy said, “He got completely comfortable on the pillows and never left”.

Every day, Amy would come home and find the dog on her patio. He was there in the morning. He was there in the evening. And he looked like he was going to stay.

Amy began to realize that the dog she named Walker wasn’t going anywhere anytime soon. She began looking for its owner by posting on social media and contacting neighbors.

No one could figure out where Walker came from! After a visit to the vet, they discovered that Walker did not have a microchip. Amy kept searching for its owner for a month, but never found anyone who could claim the dog.

Unfortunately, Walker didn’t get along with Amy’s other pets. Besides, Amy wasn’t about to take on the extra responsibility that a new pet would bring. She knew she had to find Walker a home, and in the end she found the perfect match: an older woman who prayed for a pet!

No one is still sure where Walker came from or why he took up residence on Amy’s patio, but in the end it all worked out just the way it should.

Watch the video below:

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