Unique girl: this completely unusual Australian baby was born with a rare syndrome

This unusual baby was born with unruly hair syndrome.

Here is an Australian girl, 12-year-old Shyla, who was born with quite unusual and unusual hair, and at first no one could have guessed that it was actually caused by a rare syndrome that she had.

Over time, Shyla’s parents began to notice that their unique daughter’s hair grew at an unsustainable rate, and it was very difficult to even comb it.

Those around her strongly criticized Shyla’s mother, arguing that she did not know how to take good care of her little daughter.

With no other choice, Shyla’s parents took her to the doctors, who diagnosed her with unruly hair syndrome.

As a child, Shyla was constantly judged, and she was more than sure that she was unique and different from all her peers.

It should be noted that only 100 people worldwide are diagnosed with this rare disease.

Let’s sincerely wish her all the best and that she achieve all her goals as soon as possible and fulfill her cherished dreams.

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