VW’s iconic “Hippie Van” reimagined by metal artist as charming wood burning grill

Amazing metal device for grill

Hippie Van Grill

The Volkswagen Type 2 (often referred to as a “Hippie Van”) will always serve as a metaphor for “peace and togetherness” in popular culture. The mere history of the car continues to add to its appealing quality, probably as a result of its history with summertime get-togethers, blossoms, and romantic feelings. It’s hardly surprising that it’s also a favoured muse given its odd yet dependable framework, its capacity to unite people, and more. While still being used frequently by The Grateful Dead, it served as inspiration for the album artwork of late greatest players like Bob Dylan and The Beach Boys.

A metalworker from the UK named Danny Lyons of Trash Steel Fabrications was likewise inspired by this fancifully designed car. Meet the VW camper van-shaped woodstove, the artist’s creative transformation of the classic van’s metaphorical “feelings of affection and pleasure” into a tangible object that truly provides warmth. Lyons has cleverly constructed lovely reproductions that double as portable wood-burning barbecues.

Volkswagen Type 2 Grills By Danny Lyons

The features that Lyons incorporates into his grill creations will enchant even the most ardent supporters thanks to the use of recyclable materials and some amazing inventiveness. Lyons’ grills feature the recognisable VW logo, divided frontal windows, and similar rearview reflectors, much like a genuine Volkswagen Type 2. Additionally, he employs a licence plate description variant that carries on the charm heritage for the car. The dramatic and distinctive two-tone coat of paint, just like the genuine vehicle, is one of Lyons’ innovations.

Due to the size of these hand-made grills, any hesitant users won’t feel overpowered by managing the flames. Its size also enables space management and adds to a “cosy” atmosphere. The heritage of the Volkswagen Type 2’s promotion of “oneness” is preserved because to Lyons’ designs. Along with these campers, Lyons also accepts requests, including custom one-offs.

Ingenious wood burner created by Danny Lyons of Trash Steel Fabrications from the vintage Volkswagen “Hippie Van”

Volkswagen Type 2 Grill By Danny Lyons

Volkswagen Camper Van Wood Burner

The hardwood burner can be seen in use here:


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Публикация от Danny Lyons 🎨🔨🔩🔧 (@trash_metal_fabrications)

Other well-known designs and figures from popular culture have also been cleverly converted into useful wood burners by this artist.

Dalek Grill By Danny Lyons

TIE Fighter Grill By Danny Lyons


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Публикация от Danny Lyons 🎨🔨🔩🔧 (@trash_metal_fabrications)

Minion Grill By Danny Lyons

Pop Culture Grills By Danny Lyons

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