What a beauty: the young bride put on her 89-year-old grandmother’s wedding dress and looked charming

The bride was wearing her grandmother’s wedding dress and looked just gorgeous.

There are things that are dear to our hearts, and Ellie from the USA was lucky enough to find such a thing – her 89-year-old grandmother’s charming wedding dress.

Just imagine how moved the elderly woman was when she found out that her beloved granddaughter would wear her dress at her own wedding.

Grandma kept this dress all these years, and it looks like Ellie was really waiting for it. All the guests were simply amazed and could not stop looking at the charming girl. She just gave it to the dry cleaners and the unearthly beautiful dress was completely ready.

On social media, Ellie shared that her grandmother and she have always been in a close and inseparable relationship, since the girl was raised next to her. And when Ellie found out that her wedding dress was still there, she no longer had a choice.

The elderly woman burst into tears when she saw her dress, which became for Ellie one of the most expensive things.

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