What a cute scene: this lovely cat is watching intently as his grandmother fixes his favorite toy

The cat has grown, but his love for his favorite toy has not changed.

The love for a plush leopard the same size as Lucas began when he was a kitten. Lucas has grown over the past four years, but his love for his favorite toy hasn’t changed. “I got the toy from the local zoo, along with a few other plush animals”, Alana, Lucas’ mother, told The Dodo.

Lucas doesn’t seem to mind that the toy has gotten a little shabby with age. The leopard is unique in that it is Lucas’ little companion and protective blanket.

“I’ve found him in strange places, covered in cat spit”. Last year, Alana’s grandmother moved in with the family and immediately fell in love with Lucas. — and decided to breathe some life into it.

“He had this toy for about four years and it broke due to wear and tear,” Alana explained. “My grandma moved in with us last year and loves Lucas. She noticed that his favorite toy was torn and sewed it back on”.  Lucas was fascinated by the movement of the needle and thread through his toy and sat patiently while his friend’s grandmother operated on him.

“He was watching all the time,” Alana said. “He was just super at what she did”. When Lucas’ grandmother finished, she returned the toy to the cat as new, and he was clearly pleased with the result. Thanks to her sweet gesture, Lucas can play with his favorite toy for years to come. “Lucas was overjoyed!” Alana said.

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