What a cute voice: the homeless singer’s beautiful voice made everyone feel guilty

The beautiful voice of this talented homeless woman delighted Los Angeles.

Residents of Los Angeles are well aware of the life story of Emily Zamurka. At the end of September, the police noticed this homeless beggar and, as soon as the woman began to sing, they could not resist and rushed to shoot her. After this incident, the whole city became aware of the life story of Emily, who, unfortunately, ended up on the street.

The homeless in Los Angeles can live and roam in peace, as the climate is good and tolerable throughout the year, and the police do not arrest them. There have been many cases of people going broke, losing their jobs and property, and becoming homeless. That is what happened to poor Emily.

The record after which Emily became famous.

As soon as this video hit the media, the paparazzi and journalists immediately rushed in search of a talented woman who turned out to be a real legend. When they eventually found her and asked about her history, Emily said she was 52 years old and came from a country that doesn’t exist now (probably the USSR). From childhood, she learned to play the violin, and when Emily grew up, she played and sang in restaurants.

She earned money by playing a musical instrument and her beautiful voice, but when her violin was stolen from her, she could no longer earn a living. Emily, unfortunately, has already lost hope for a better life.

People who were lucky enough to witness this hurried to offer the woman their invaluable help and assistance. Despite the wealth and development of the city, the life of people here can be quite difficult and burdensome. Even some organizations and companies have already invited Emily to events and shows to sing and entertain people with her brilliant performance. We all hope that Emily’s life will soon be easier and more enjoyable than it is now.

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