What a sweet creature: a beautiful and noisy bird, which appearance is very outstanding

Birds beautiful breasts, brown-black nape and sides of the neck.

Curly jay (Cyanocorax Cristatellus) – South American jay with a black face, chin, cheekbones.

With beautiful breasts, brown-black nape and sides of the neck.

The top of the head is a long repeating black crest, which is constantly vertically.

The upper body, back and cereal from bluish to purple, although the upper part of the mantle is predominantly reddish-brown.

At the same time, the upper wings are bluish-blue, and the main ones have a blue external and black inner border.

The tail of these birds is half purple-blue, half white and rather short.

White on the lower breast, abdomen, and rump.

These white wings contrast beautifully with darker fly feathers.

The beak is black, the eyes are dark brown, the legs and feet are also black.

Compared to adults, the young people are dull, with brownish tips of the covering wings and the blurry pinkish final third tail.

Their crests are shorter and more angular.

Curly-haired jays are found in the central and southern parts of Brazil, as well as in the northeast of Brazil.

The areas of the curly jays live near the northwestern part, as well as the southeast, in the Amazon basin.

These amazing and rare birds also live around the Guapore River, flowing to the west, on the border of Brazil and Bolivia.

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