What a sweet meeting: this beautiful dog won millions of hearts with a beautiful greeting for the owner

It is a fact that animals adore the owners and will be there for the rest of their lives.

He was overjoyed to see his mother! If you had to choose the best reason for getting a dog, what would it be? There are probably too many reasons to list.

You have their charm. You have their mercy. You have their fun. And the fact that they adore you and will be by your side for the rest of their lives. All of these wonderful qualities are enhanced when you have a large dog like the Great Dane.

According to the American Kennel Club, Great Danes are “the mighty Apollo of dogs” and with them “the joy of life”.

The Great Dane is known to be very cute, he is also very protective. They make excellent guard dogs for your home. Many people would run away if they caught a glimpse of these big dogs.

Owning a dog of this size is still a big responsibility. However, the woman in the video below claims it’s all worth it. Her rescued Great Dane is so excited to see her that he won’t even let her fully out of the driveway. He takes a position as close to the end of the driveway as possible, giving her enough room to drive in. But not completely. And then his tail starts to wag wildly. He runs up to her as soon as she gets out of the car and starts stroking her head. And he is overjoyed to see her.

“Rescued animals are always the best. They realize they are loved and I believe that for most people an animal saves people even more”, one commenter wrote. If you doubt that these are just the best and cutest characters, you simply haven’t met any.

In the video below, you can see this adorable dog greeting his mom in the driveway.

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