What a transformation: beautiful model Shayk has changed dramatically and became a blonde

Here is the new image of Irina Shayk as a blonde with curls.

As absolutely everyone knows, I. Shayk is a successful, popular and generally recognized Russian model who actively maintains her pages on the network.

Recently, the iconic model surprised her followers with her unusual and rather unexpected look in the image of a blonde with curly hair. The celebrity also had bangs, making her delicate look more like a Barbie, and her white dress definitely suited her.

A famous woman was in the children’s pool with a plastic bottle in her hand. Many were quick to claim that here the model resembled a Barbie.

A number of netizens praised the popular star, and her image really worked out and was praised. For those who didn’t know, it was just a wig.

How do you like the image of Barbie Shake?

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