What a turn: supermodel Demi Moore surprised everyone after a cosmetic procedure

Here is 59-year-old Demi Moore, who was criticized after the cosmetic procedure.

Recently, superstar Demi Moore made a spectacular appearance in a rhinestone-embellished ensemble from the famous GUCCI, while the public was much more interested in the appearance of the former fashion model, and not her outfit.\\

Many were firmly of the opinion that she had some kind of cosmetic procedures in the area of ​​​​the mouth and cheeks. Some were quick to criticize the woman for using artificial methods to change and improve her appearance in order to preserve her beauty and youth.

Thousands rushed to criticize the iconic woman for this, and her devoted fans, as always, were there to defend and support the well-known star.

Are you for or against cosmetic procedures?

Share your impressions, our dear readers!

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