What a willpower. A sweet girl was born without legs, and already at 8 years old, she became a wonderful gymnast

From early childhood, she watched the gymnasts’ sports performances.

A little girl, who is only 8 years old, proved that with a great desire you can achieve all heights, despite the difficulties!

Page was born without legs.

From early childhood, she enthusiastically watched the gymnasts’ sports performances.

And the parents tried to send her for the first training.

At first, Page trained to stay in shape, because due to its features it is important to have strong hands.

But then this hobby became something more.

Now the girl is already 8 years old, and she is part of the AGIO national team in gymnastics.

A girl born without legs, only 8 years old, and she has already become a professional gymnast

Moreover, Page loves not only gymnastics, but also firing from onions, swimming and cheerful.

Parents do everything so that the daughter in time she has time for all her favorite classes, they are happy that she smiles so much.

At such a young age, Page has already seriously considered the possibility of participating in the Paralympic Games.

The story of this little girl proves that you can achieve any height, if you really want to.

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