What a wonderful story: a saved dog in a cat shelter became the father of more than 60 kittens

How wonderful that someone recognized a special line of the character of this dog.

This dog took care of kittens and raised them from early childhood, he is a wonderful father!

The mistress of Raylan is a caring angel who uses his house as a shelter for homeless and abandoned kittens. Kittens feed and care until they find a new house!

Visitors to the center ignored him because he had too much energy.

And Rayland, like his master, is a fur lump full of love. He pity kittens and becomes for them not only a friend, but also a caring father.

What a blessing that we can continue to carry love in order to heal others!

Over the years, Raylan raised more than 60 banned or orphaned kittens. He gives them love and care that they did not receive from their parents.

Raylan loves to play with kittens and treats them gently and patiently. Watson, the first kitten of Raylan, now lives with his neighbors, and they are best friends!

Photos of Raylan’s kittens were well accepted.

This is an extremely friendly dog that loves everyone.

God grant health to this favorite. What a beautiful caring dog for feeding all these tiny kittens!

Bless him and all homeless kittens!

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