What is the great news: Tulsa Zoo welcomes a new member of a beautiful sweet baby Penguin

The tiny chick of Penguin was born in the Tulsa zoo last month.

Welcome to this world, dear angel!

Recently, the Tulsa Zoo was glad to announce the replenishment of African penguins in our colony!

The charming penguin was born with the parents of Dassen and Airland on October 3, he is a real scales. The work of the Tulsa zoo with the survival plan of African penguins of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums includes the birth of a chick.

A newborn penguin is a bit like a chicken, but thanks to a characteristic gray plumage, a young penguin quickly proves that this is not a chicken!

According to the news of the Tulsa Zoo, Penguin’s chick weighed 60 grams. The floor of the chick has not yet been disclosed.

Now they care about the little penguin, and he even has a teddy penguin friend!

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