What is the relationship between Roberts and Clooney: it is believed that these stars somehow met

It’s very interesting if Julie Roberts and Clooney ever met.

Probably everyone knows the fact that the iconic and world-famous movie stars Roberts and George Clooney have been bound by a strong and inseparable friendship since their first meeting during the filming. It should be noted that millions were firmly of the opinion that they were actually dating and had no intention of revealing their romantic relationship. While the stars tried not to pay much attention to the rumors.

According to the legendary actor, they never met, although both were single when they met on the set of Ocean’s Eleven more than 20 years ago. According to Clooney, they were close and true friends and nothing more.

It’s worth noting that this couple also had scenes where they had to pretend they were a couple and were expected to kiss each other. According to the movie stars, they had to hold back their laughter, as it was rather strange for friends to kiss in front of the cameras.

As Roberts added, there is an inextricable bond between them, while they have never been lovers. Behind the scenes, they had a strong bond.

Clooney claimed that their families are also close to each other and that he is a friend of her husband.

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