When a German flight attendant arrived in Argentina, the abandoned dog was adopted

An abandoned dog awaited German flight after each flight

A stray dog that occasionally roamed the Puerto Madero neighbourhood of Buenos Aires, Argentina, caught the attention of a German flight attendant named Olivia Sievers. Sievers then made the decision to adopt the dog. Rubio, a stray dog, was there when German flight attendant Olivia came found him. Every time Olivia travels to Buenos Aires, she stays the night at the Hilton in Puerto Madero.

As a storm grew closer, Olivia offered the cute animal food along with her love, care, and attention.

But the two developed a unique bond; when she arrived in Buenos Aires, Rubio went back to her hotel to look for her, and when she departed, she mysteriously disappeared from the neighbourhood as if she knew exactly when she was leaving.

Olivia called Mascotas Puerto Madero Responsible Adoptions to sponsor Rubio and take him off the streets because she was concerned about him.

In this way, Rubio was transported to a temporary home in San Telmo, where he was given all the comforts, love, and care.

Rubio went outside to wait for Olivia, who had just arrived in the country, though. The beast once more made its way across San Telmo to the Hilton hotel in an effort to locate Olivia.

Olivia decided to bring him to Germany and adopt him into her family as she must be his human mother.

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