When a new cat appears one day, the kitten is desperate to make friends and gives him lots of hugs

A new cat and kitten

A kitten was lonely and missed having a buddy until one day another cat appeared and showered him with love.

A litter of kittens in need of urgent care was disclosed to Sara Sharp, the founder of Community Cat Club (in South New Jersey), last month.

Kitten longing for a friend until another cat shows up one day and showering him with hugs

The buff tabby kitten ended up being the only one of the litter to survive despite their best efforts to save the others. He had a strong determination from the beginning and shown amazing strength for someone so small.

Things started to improve for the little man with tube feedings, round-the-clock care, and lots of tender loving care.

The extra room to explore and the plush objects to knead on pleased Christian, but a friend was what he craved most.

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