When a terrified shelter dog realises he is being adopted, he jumps for excitement

A dog jumps for excitement

Dogs in shelters long for a family to love them and give them a permanent home as they wait to be adopted.

A pit bull in a devastating viral video goes from being terrified to being happy in a matter of seconds, demonstrating the profound impact adoption can have on a dog’s life.

Despite all efforts to make shelters a happy and safe environment for dogs, it may still be a scary place for them. Benny, an 8-month-old pit bull, was afraid and lonely when he arrived at the Carson Animal Shelter, unsure of what might happen to him next.

Benny can be seen in the video at a shelter full of other barking dogs. He appears terrified as he follows behind him in his kennel.

He doesn’t sure what to do with the folks who come to his gate and keeps acting apprehensive.

He has no idea where he is being led when a crimson collar is placed around his neck. But all of a sudden, he understands what’s going on:

His adoption has begun!

He starts to jump with delight.

His joy grows as he exits the building, experiences freedom, and joyfully wags his tail as he realises he’ll never return to the shelter.

The family Benny had met made the shelter just as pleased.

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