When a woman saw a lump of fur on the road, she knew what she had to do

 A furry lump on the road

In Washington, D.C., Natalie Therese and her companion were returning home from a hotel on the banks of the Columbia River when suddenly, through the fog, they spotted what appeared to be a large ball of wool in the middle of the road.

Therese was terrified and thought that they ought to quit.

Therese added, “I yelled at them to be careful and halt.”

Three otter cubs had been dumped into the street, and as she approached, she could see them.

Therese said, “My partner assumed it was simply a lump of mud or something!”

Therese put the pieces back together and realised she had seen a mother otter fleeing a moving vehicle. The kids simply hid on the street since they were too young to know what to do. Their mother was now observing them from a nearby woodland in terror as they were now all by themselves.

Therese made the decision to assist them in getting back to a secure location and started pointing the frightened infants in the right direction.

Therese explains, “I gently convinced them to move out of the path.”

Therese waited for each of them to decide what to do while directing them to their mother.

Therese recalled, “I was waiting outside the car for the mother to come out for the three kids to run off the road together.” Then I waited a little while longer to make sure they didn’t re-enter the road.

This event was also captured on camera by Therese, which you can view here:


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That day, Therese had a significant influence on the Otter family’s destiny, and they in turn had a significant influence on her.

Therese gushes, “I was so touched and moved to tears by the whole thing.” The beauty of nature and its works cannot be overstated.

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