When euthanasia was about to happen, the puppy displayed a desire to live

The puppy displayed a desire to live

In the early stages of her life, Eve had the unfortunate experience of losing her mother because she was born on the streets. She was hit by a car, which was far worse. She showed her will to live even though the little cub was scheduled to be killed due to his injuries.

The accident “pulverised” her bones, breaking her hip, pelvis, and one of her legs. The most tragic aspect is that nobody helped her. As a result, Eve cried out in agony for days in silence.

Animal Control in Douglas County, Georgia eventually found Eve, but they weren’t sure what would happen to her. In essence, animal control opted to euthanize the dog.

Jason received a call from the vet who explained the pup’s situation. I have this adorable little puppy here, he said. However, we are unable to assist him.

Jason didn’t hesitate despite the fact that the initial course of therapy would be expensive and difficult. When he took Eve to the regular vet, Dr. Clay Leathers of New Hope Animal Hospital was present.

Eve was assessed by the doctor once she arrived at the BluePearl Veterinary Partners facility and the cost of her treatment was estimated to be around $7,000.

Eve returned to the hospital after a month, and because her bones had totally recovered, she only required a $2,100 metal plate to be placed above her paw bone.

Eve was exhibiting her deep-seated yearning to live once more, even if it meant mending her own wounds.

Eve is scheduled to have her first operation this month. Eve will stay with her foster home while she recovers completely because she has already formed a close attachment with her new sibling. Jason gushes, “She’s a doll.” She is a highly devoted canine.

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