When the owner’s son went missing, the dog was found watching over him

The owner and his missing dog

On April 2, police in Houston, Texas, received a complaint about a small boy who was stumbling down railroad lines with a dog by his side.

Sgt. Salas, a police officer from the department, stated that witnesses claimed the dog was with the young boy when they discovered him. Ultimately, he came to the conclusion that the boy might have a medical problem, which was later determined to be Down syndrome.

The dog followed as I left with the youngster, Sgt. Salas noted on Twitter. This dog served as both his guardian and his angel.

As the officer approached them, the dog would not let go of the kid. It appeared as though the dog realised the kid shouldn’t have been wandering off, so he ended up following him.

The dog, named Alejandro, stayed alert and composed even as the police officers arrived to assist them.

Without barking, Alejandro followed the Officer to the car, and as soon as they both sat down, he leaped into the driver’s seat.

Jose was the name of the missing boy; it was further disclosed. The boy’s mother, Jasmine Martinez, admitted that she was napping with her 5-year-old son when she woke up and discovered Jose had gone off. She then promptly called the police after realising he had vanished.

Only a few little scrapes on his legs were the only injuries Jose sustained. It is evident that the dog did an excellent job of protecting.

“Since we adopted Alejandro as a puppy, he has always been a very protective dog. In an interview, Jose’s sister Samantha Muoz remarked, “I wasn’t surprised when they said he was walking with Jose the entire time. The policeman stated he was moved by Alejandro’s devotion to the young boy and that he had been watching over the boy whenever they were on train lines because those tracks are frequently quite active.

He expressed gratitude to God for watching for the child on his Twitter page. Obviously, this also applies to Alejandro, the dog who watched over Jose until he arrived home without incident.

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