When you approach these magnificent human sculptures from certain directions, they vanish

Magnificent human sculptures

Julian Voss-Andreae Elective Affinities Disappearing Sculpture

Artist Julian Voss-Andreae urges people who examine his sculptures to think critically about long-held ideas. The well-known designer aims to challenge Newtonian physics, which views the world as a series of discrete objects that are subject to forces. Voss-Andreae, who holds a master degree in quantum theory, uses sculptures to demonstrate the known universe basic unity. His gestural statues demonstrate how we cannot divorce ourselves from environment since from some perspectives, they blend with their surroundings.

The world is built from energies and particles, according to the posits of quantum theory. These ideas are brought to viewers’ imaginations through Voss-sculptures. Andreae’s His life-size person “atomic” figurines are made from side-by-side comparison that are cut to expose the hands, feet, and faces of the humans. From the side, the vanishing artworks look solid, but as one goes around the piece, they disintegrate into waves. The sculpture finally disappears, appearing to totally vanish into thin air as bright slits begin to develop between the thin metal sheets. As you move around every piece, you’ll see how the form blends in with the environment, signaling a “paradigm change.”

Voss-work Andreae’s incorporates physics in a variety of ways, the vanishing sculptures being just one of them. He casts steel antibodies, bronze statues of RNA, DNA, and Carbon-60 molecules (often referred to as Buckyballs). The artist focused on the meaning of fusing art and science, especially quantum theory, in a declaration. According to our deeply held beliefs about how the world functions, Voss-Andreae asserts, “There is just no’reality’ out there that is free of us.” The separation we think exists between us and the rest of the world also proves to be an illusion because, in the end, we are all a part of each other and entire universe, both physically and in terms of how we act.

Human mind must withdraw into the environment like his vanishing sculptures do. Face-to-face interaction with contemporary issues like climate change requires both psychological and ecological interaction. Voss-Andreae writes, “I believe it is vital that those embryonic concepts go out into the cultural realm. The teachings of quantum theory offer us a glimpse of an alternative way of connecting with one another and coping with our reality.”

View Voss-paradigm-altering Andreae’s “fading away sculptures” below and explore more of his creative output online.

Artist and scientist Julian Voss-Andreae creates steel artworks that melt into the surroundings as you move around them.

Julian Voss-Andreae Quantum Man

Carefully cut continuous metal sheets make up the human figures.

Julian Voss-Andreae Quantum Man

Voss-Andreae examines the concepts that are traditionally recognized and explains why they must change in order to address the issues (and opportunities) of the future.

Quantum Man 2007 Sculpture

Other works by the artist incorporate scientific theories such as DNA, RNA, and immunoglobulin.

Metal Disappearing Sculpture

All particles are completely connected and interdependent, according to Voss-Andreae, who also holds that quantum theory offers a worldview that is both true and necessary. To comprehend the world, we must acknowledge this.

The reader Statue Voss-Andreae

The “quantum” dissolving sculptures by Voss-Andreae serve as a constant warning of the interconnection of the cosmos.

Dream, 2018 Human SculptureOnah Statue DisappearingThe Sentinel, 2012 Metal Statue SteelReclining Woman (Sphinx), 2012 Julian Voss-AndreaeSpannungsfeld, 2014 Voss-Andreae

As you proceed around the fading sculpture, take in the scenery.

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