Where did the attractive Jolie go: fans of the actress are surprised by the appearance of Angelina during a walk

Fans hardly recognized Angelina Jolie in this woman.

Angelina Jolie tried to follow all the rules of self-isolation with her children. She didn’t go out often except for shopping. Therefore, the actress disappeared from the field of view of fans. However, the actress recently appeared in public again, she went for a walk with her eldest daughter Zahara.

However, fans hardly recognized Angelina Jolie in this woman. She was tightly wrapped in a winter coat. The actress put on high boots and also hid her face under a scarf instead of a mask. Fans noted that the actress lost a lot of weight and aged. Jolie looked like an old woman.

“Why is she in winter clothes, because it’s not so cold in Los Angeles?” “She’s always cold because she’s underweight” “She doesn’t look very good” “There are no signs of an attractive Angie”, “Why such an outfit?”, “I barely recognized her”, “Zahara is getting more and more attractive,” the Internet commented -users.

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