Whether a dog or a statue appeared in the picture was unclear to online users. And it’s understandable

Is this a dog or a statue?

On social media, the woman going by the name Sandra Pineda shared a photo of one of her dogs. She was surprised to learn that users were unable to distinguish whether it was a statue or a real dog. And this occurred because Piper, her pet dog, had an unusual appearance: the dog had no hair at all and even shone in the light like a typical city monument. The hostess expressed great amusement and said that Piper is still alive and very active.

Although Piper is a Xoloitzcuintle dog, whose defining characteristic is complete baldness, this does not diminish her beauty. The owner brought her home so that Riley, a Boston terrier, would have company and not get lonely.

She actually has a lot of energy and loves spending time with Riley, her best friend.

Since Piper has been living with her owner for almost a year, she has taken great care to maintain the hairless coat of her pet. She receives a massage with coconut oil after taking a bath, which makes her skin appear radiant and supple.

When the owner learned that her dog had been mistaken for a sculpture, she was overjoyed. It proves that hairless dogs can be just as attractive and endearing as their furry cousins. This is really cute!

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