Wild cheetah leapt into the car and the tourist had a close encounter with it

Wild cheetah and a tourist

For animal lovers, encountering a wild animal can be their greatest fantasy, though perhaps not in such close proximity as in the case of this man.

When the enormous wild cheetah approached the car so closely while on a safari in Kenia, a man by the name of Mickey McCaldin was startled. This unexpected event was caught on camera.

During the safari, the tourist group encountered a cheetah family while travelling in a vehicle. When several of the animals hopped onto the automobile, everyone was in awe. The most curious of them all was one. Next to Mickey, he jumped onto the backseat of the vehicle.

Therefore, picture what you would do or feel in that situation. Although the enormous beast is cute, it can also be harmful, so at least you would be scared. But the man did nothing uneasy because he was amazed.

Even though it seemed like a lifetime to the man, the enormous beast eventually got out of the car. He simply became bored and jumped away.

The cheetah family then followed the group for a while before vanishing from view.

Let’s face it: meeting these wild animals would be terrifying and extremely exciting at the same time.

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