With his distinct appearance, the wonderful cat became an Internet sensation. He’s disguised as Zoro!

The wonderful cat looks like Zoro

Have you ever seen such a one-of-a-kind creature as this incredibly cute cat? He resembles the strong masked character Zoro!

This unexpected cat was given the name Boy, but everybody referred to him as Zoro because of his remarkable and wonderful look. Everybody thinks he has a mask on his face because of the black fur all over his eyes. In addition, the black patch on his head resembles a hat. All of these amazing characteristics endear Boy to the mysterious figure Zoro.

The adorable animal lives with his adoring owner Indraini, who adores him more than his other five cats. The man adores his unexpected pet and regards him as his special and favourite. Zoro, on the other hand, acts spoilt and naughty. He loved to be petted, hugged, and held.


The adorable boy has a Tiktok account with over 600,000 followers. He has become a celebrity, and whenever he posts a photo, everybody reacts with gratitude and pleasure. Indraini admits that he never expected his lovely creature to become so well-known and adored. That makes him extremely happy.

Boy has a child as well. And guess what it looks like — a perfect replica of its father! What a lovely couple!

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