Woman is saved from being stabbed by a homeless dog, who has now found a family

A woman and a homeless dog

Due to his twisted rear leg and numerous scars from being mistreated by humans for the majority of his existence, this abandoned dog had most likely been hit by a car. He has lived a horrific existence, claims Carla Welch of Fighting for the Bullys. But today, perhaps for the first time in his entire life, this dog gets a new name and a new life.

While wandering the streets of Baldwin, Georgia, the stray dog encountered a man and a woman who were engaged in a heated argument. As the man pulled out a knife to defend the woman, the dog leaped in between them to shield her.

Even though the dog appeared to be in a very precarious situation, they couldn’t simply allow it to die there.

The agents tracked down a veterinarian who would take him into his clinic right then. Once there, the dog stumbled onto the operating table.

His gums were white; a lot of blood had been spilled.

When the dog was finally able to be stabilised, he was on his way to Carla’s Tennessee rescue centre with the new name “Hero” a few days later.

Norma said:

This dog ought to have survived. He is incredible. The poor animal has endured a terrible life. His life has changed since yesterday.

Timothy said:

I would like to thank everyone who helped save Hero’s life, along with Officer Seeley. Even though we frequently encounter negative situations, events like this one make you proud of the work we do.

Despite the dog’s bravery and the police officers’ amazing compassion in bringing the injured animal to the clinic, Hero still needs to find a permanent family in order for the rescue organisation to be satisfied.

If you think you are the one who can give Hero the home he deserves, get in touch with Fighting for the Bullys here.


Hero was adopted and is now content in his forever home. His new human parents, Sara and David Simpson, say he’s adjusting well to life in Tennessee with two other dogs who will be his siblings.

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