Woman turns her garden into a space where her tigers can roam outside

A woman and her tigers

Florida resident Janice Haley turned her garden into a play area for her tigers.

Janice Haley has always had a passion for wild creatures, and she even left her full-time job to work with tigers, leopards, and lions, three of her favorite exotic species.

Janice does enjoy wild cats, and Janda, the lion she first acquired in 2002, is one of her favorites.

Despite the cats’ substantial weights (Janda weighs 400 pounds, and Saber weighs 600 pounds), Janice characterizes them as very sensitive creatures who enjoy playing games and cuddling like domestic cats.

All cats view Janice as their mother; wild animals play with her and allow her to kiss them.

She can even take a nap beside her enormous animals.

Janice acknowledges that wild animals ought to coexist with their surroundings, but her pets do not.

Her cats could never possibly survive in the wild.

Jandae and Saber are hand fed by their owner three times a day on a set schedule.

A few animal lovers have come out in support of Janice, and a few kindhearted people have donated to her fantastic cause. She therefore had no doubts that only her backyard might be the greatest place for her cats to live when she had to decide where she would keep them.

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