Woman’s husband forced her to choose between 30 dogs and him

The worst choice for husband

It’s true that some individuals treat their pets as if they were their own children. But what if there are thirty of them instead of just one, two, or even three?

Bull terriers in particular are Lis Haslam’s favourite kind of dog. She has given 30 rescued terriers half an acre of land that was formerly a boarding kennel operation and was connected to the house where she and her husband were residing.

Her habit of rescuing unwanted dogs or those with behavioural issues led to the establishment of Beds for Bullies in Barnham, Suffolk.

Liz loves each and every one of these puppies. She tends to them for more than 18 hours a day because of this. She spends her days walking them, feeding them, taking some of them to the vet, and paying for their care with her own money.

Arthur, her husband, could no longer tolerate it. He gave the dogs the choice between him or them. The 25 years of a happy marriage and a shared son won’t be able to keep him from ending things.

For the sake of the pets, the woman made her choice. They brought her joy, and if she isn’t looking out for them, then who is?

I haven’t seen or heard from him since, she declared. I considered it after 25 years. He should be aware that I did not intend to give up the dogs.

He had reached a breaking point when he wanted to slow down. But I wasn’t ready to abandon it. He made the decision to leave, » she continued.

When Liz was just out of her sweet sixteen, they first met. In January 1991, they were wed. She was certain beyond a shadow of a doubt that she was marrying her beloved. She will never consider that everything will come to this.

Even so, she continues to be upbeat. Even though she lost her husband, she still has 30 loves in her life.


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