The mother finally locates her dog after a frantic 20-month hunt

The mom and her dog

Temper, Cameron’s beloved pet, inexplicably disappeared. The distraught owner looked everywhere she could for him, but it was in vain. When she first met Temper, he was a tiny, cute dog.

Temper Fidel means “always loyal,” which perfectly describes the dog’s character. Semper often daydreamed about having a pet like him because he was such a devoted and caring animal. All was perfect until 2016, when the dog went missing.

Cameron had to return to California, but she was unable to take her husky with her. She was forced to abandon him and go with her companion. She received a call from her buddy shortly after with some awful news: her puppy was missing.

Cameron was inconsolable. She returned to her residence and began her hunt, using every practical and impractical method—including putting online notices—to find the missing dog.

After some time, she learned that a woman had added her name on Temper’s chip in April 2016 and listed the puppy for sale with a $200 price tag. Everything was planned by her former roommate. Cameron was disappointed by this tale but delighted to learn her puppy was still alive. Their embrace was tender.

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