Victorian ghosts emerging from a mirror in eerie wall sculptures

Sculptures showing ghosts emerging from a mirror

Ghost Emerging from a Mirror

Artist Michael Locascio (creator of Della Morte & Co.) has produced a number of eerie statues that draw inspiration from Victorian horror fiction. His Ghost in the Mirror is available in two variations, one with a female ghost and the other with a man ghost. In both instances, the cast plastic figures appear to be floating out of old mirrors into our room.

These eight and a half inch tall modern gothic statues have a significant impression right away despite their small size. The transparent plastic Locascio used gives them a delicate look that also conveys their extraterrestrial character. The artist may have developed a passion for the macabre as a result of his classical studies. He worked with living models, skeletons, and participated in yearly cadaver dissections while pursuing his studies in sculpture at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine and the Newington Cropsey Foundation.

His schooling and appreciation of Renaissance and Baroque art have influenced his work, yet his works still have a contemporary feel to them. He is able to blend his traditional sensitivities with contemporary demands because he has experience working on prototype sculpture for action figures and collectibles.

According to Locascio, “my work is inspired by mythology, the occult, and the macabre, but I aim to give my works a feeling of classical maturity.” I often put off starting a work until I have a fresh perspective on the subject and, ideally, something original that people haven’t seen before, even though the characters or ideas are well known.

Gentleman and The Ghost in the Mirror Both of these books can be purchased through Della Morte & Co. Glow-in-the-dark versions of both statues are also offered, and when the lights go off, they take on a whole new dimension.

Michael Locascio produced a series of artworks depicting ghosts rising from a mirror, drawing inspiration from Victorian horror fiction.

Contemporary Victorian ArtSpooky SculptureContemporary Victorian Art

As the ghosts move between realms, the transparent plastic gives them a surreal appearance.

Contemporary Gothic ArtGhost Emerging from a MirrorSpooky Sculpture

Even amazing glow-in-the-dark variants of every statue were made by the artist.

Glow in the Dark Sculpture Glow in the Dark Sculpture

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